Free Business Service – Learning how to do business right

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I recently connected with Lisa Larter via Twitter and I found that she and I have a lot in common. We are both passionate about our business, love to help others and love to connect with others via social media.

As we have connected with others, we have encouraged them in their business growth and have even done business with them to help them. Some have even offered to do “free” business services for us in order for us to become their client. One thing that Lisa learned and that I have too is that “free” is not always the best route to take.

A book that I would highly recommend that you read to help you develop your business services is “Integrity Service”. According to, author Ron Willingham believes that…

“The major tenet of his philosophy is that the success you achieve directly relates to the value that you create for others. This success secret applies to both large and small companies and is particularly effective for the small entrepreneur, because the lessons in this book must be applied at the personal level, where the interaction between customers and company reps occurs.”

In a blog post written by Lisa, she shares about two different experiences with business owners who offered to do “free” business services for her. The blog post is entitled “Why Free is Too Expensive” and below is an excerpt from it…

I am not sharing these experiences as a negative. Rather, I want you to learn very important lessons:

  1. When you give away your service for free, you diminish your own power. You give your power, the power you have created in your business, away and allow someone to devalue what you are willing to contribute.
  2. When you allow someone to offer their services to you for free, you do the same thing to them. You devalue what they are worth.
  3. When your time is free – the other person’s time will always be more important and more valuable than your time.

You must read the entire blog post to get the full understanding of how she came to this point, click here to read it. I want to encourage you to value your business and make sure you are paid for your services what it is worth.

Would love to hear about your experiences and how you handled them. Please feel free to comment below and share this blog post with others.