Family and Politics, How to create a balanced approach

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Do you have a positive or negative impact on your children regarding politics? As parents voice their views regarding politics, it's important that you keep in mind, your children are listening to you. According to, “Children also reflect their parents' attitudes, and that's where you need to be careful”.

Whether you know it or not, children are listening to parents and choosing to follow their lead when it comes to politics. Regardless if they are old enough to vote or not. Many schools have mock elections and the children are voicing their opinion and choosing who they want to win. 

How to create balance

One of the things that parents can do is create a balanced and well informed approach to talking politics with their children. Below are a few things that you can keep in mind:

  • Stay positive when communicating with your child(ren) about politics
  • Don't bred negativity in your child(ren) because they may pass it on
  • Have regular discuss to keep them informed
  • In some cases, you may want to use pictures to explain politics

In an article found on it states: “Besides common safety concerns, you’ll also want to make sure your child doesn’t do something to compromise his reputation as he gets older, applies for scholarships and searches for first jobs and internships”.