Facebook teens can now post globally

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Facebook teens can post globallyIn the midst of online threats to children from bullies and sexual predators, Facebook teens can post globally and this was announced on October 16, 2013. Their privacy policy for teens has been changed so that the limitations that were on teens, no longer limits their activity on Facebook. This is move that aligns them more with other social media networks like Instagrams.

Teens now will not only be able to share their posts to their “friends” and “friends of friends” but publicly as well. Additionally, teens can now use the follow feature. This feature lets strangers automatically receive public posts from another user without being connected as mutual friends. Private messaging will remain the same. Currently, Facebook teens can post globally and allowed to communicate with messages from their “friends” and “friends of friends”.

Facebook teens can post globally, what do they say about this change?

As Facebook engages in an ongoing war with Twitter and many other popular social media networking sites it’s clear that the former restrictive policy made them less popular with the 13 to 17 year old group. Since Facebook teens can post globally, their website cites that they…

  • Causes: Want their teen users to be able to make their activisms, causes, and team messages more widespread.
  • Cautions: Stated that giving the option to post publicly to teens doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to use it. As a deterrent teens are given two (2) reminders/cautions when they choose to post something publically.
  • Claims: have other policies in place to protect its teen users.

What are the realities of this type of privacy policy change?

In today’s market teenagers are an advertiser’s dream. This type of policy change allows advertisers and marketers to be able to more effectively target this age group. There is also the concern of online bullying and child predators.  Here are the realities for Facebook teens …..

  • Targeted Messages –  Being exposed to marketing messages that fall right in line with their thoughts, likes, and desires will make them even more impressionable.
  • Impulse Control – The option of being able to publicly express whatever is on a teen’s mind could have severe consequences if the messages are meant to hurt or humiliate another teen.
  • Online Threats – Lawmakers are moving in the direction of cracking down on these types of occurrences social media provides an outlet for both child sexual exploitation and cyber bullying but these threats are still very real.

What options do parents have to keep their teens safe on Facebook?

As a parent you have to set rules and restrictions on the amount of time spent online on any social media site, not just Facebook. However, teens will be rebellious or even naive and this can lead to a dangerous situation. Here are a few tools to help aid in keeping your teen safe in spite of the new privacy policy.

  • Tag Review Tool: This allows you and/or your teen to review when they are tagged in a post before it appears with the option of turning the tag off. This is turned on by default for teen users.
  • Timeline Review: This is similar to the tag review tool. It allows the review of posts that they’re tagged in before it appears in their timeline.
  • Location Sharing: This is turned off by default for teen users but you can monitor and make sure that it stays that way.
  • Control Friend Requests: This allows you to restrict who can send a friend request to your teen.
  • Blocking Senders: This allows you to block anyone that sends a message to your teen that you feel is inappropriate.

Implement these tools and remember to talk to your teen about the dangers in the online world today.