Entrepreneurs and Podcasting

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by: Kim Beasley

With so many jumping on the podcasting bandwagon, why would I encourage all entrepreneurs to do the same? Because podcasting is a way for you to reach an unknown number of website visitors who may never visit your website but could find your podcast in one of the many podcast directories.

Before I continue, let me give you definitions of a few specific words that I will be using in this article.

  • Podcasting: audio recordings that are shared with others through a blog or website
  • Podcast directory: website that host podcasts that are submitted by website members
  • Audacity: no cost software that can be used to record and edit podcast recordings
  • Blog: web log where you as a business owner can share your thoughts and knowledge
  • WordPress: blogging software – at no cost

Now to continue the discussion, as an entrepreneur, you can make the choice of using podcasting as a vehicle to reach many people via the internet. It is simple to do just by using Audacity audio software to record and edit the recordings. So, if you would like to see the traffic to your website increase, then podcasting is an inexpensive way to do it. To help you better understand how podcasting can help you as an entrepreneur; please feel free to read the article entitled, “Podcast Case Studies> Entrepreneur Case Studies”.

Now as an entrepreneur, one of the ways that you can offset any cost that may occur, during the development of your podcast, is to sell ad space within your podcast. Then when you post your podcast to podcast directories, your listeners will not only hear your message but they will also be encouraged to purchase from your podcast advertisers.

So are you ready to make the leap into creating your own podcast? Do you still have questions about podcasting? Then feel free to visit the blog www.PodcastWordPress.com to learn how you can use podcasting and WordPress to build your business. Below are a few podcast directories where you can submit your entrepreneurial podcast.

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Kim Beasley earned an MBA in eBusiness and a Bachelor's in Human Resource Management which has allowed her to develop Agape3, Inc. Agape3, Inc. is an umbrella business for A3 Strategy Planning (http://agape3.com, Strategy Planning), A3 Web Design (http://a3webdesign.com, Web & Blog Design) and My Business Connection (http://mybusinessconnection.net, Internet Radio Show). Kim focuses on helping your business to grow and be successful. If you want to see your business JUST JUMP to the next level, then you want Kim Beasley as a member of your team.