Entrepreneurial Ice Cream Sundae

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by: Kim Beasley

What does an ice cream sundae have to do with being an entrepreneur? Glad you asked because we can learn a lot from what it takes to build an ice cream sundae. First of all, you need to have a firm foundation of ice cream that is not soft but hard and able to handle what is piled on top of it. The same is true for the foundation of a business that an entrepreneur may want to start-up. Without a solid business plan or business structure, an entrepreneur can fail when they start piling on the work load.

The next thing that goes on an ice cream sundae are the sweet syrup toppings such as chocolate or strawberry or butterscotch. Each of the toppings has a special taste to them and can meet the needs of particular taste buds. In regards to being an entrepreneur, it is important that you are able to meet the needs of your current and potential clients by offering various business services or products. This will help you to grow your client base while at the same time help you to increase your revenue.

Guess what is next; you guessed it, the whipped cream. A true sundae will have whipped cream added to it to help dress it up and make it sweeter to the taste. As an entrepreneur, keep in mind that just as the whipped cream dresses up the sundae so should your marketing/advertising plan do for your business. When developing your marketing and advertising plan, keep in mind the demographics of the clients that you want to reach. If you are a new entrepreneur, there are very cost-effective ways to market/advertise your business. Such as…

Now after the whipped cream, comes the best part and that’s the nuts and cherry. Both of these make it worth the wait when creating an ice cream sundae because they add an extra special touch to the sundae. The same is true of how you brand your business (this means how your business is perceived by the public). Branding your business can help you instill your business image in the minds of current and potential clients. For instance, when you hear “Just do it”, one of the first things that come to mind is Nike. To held you understand more about branding you business image, below is a short list of suggestions.

  • USP – create a “Unique Selling Point” or tagline that others will associate with your business
  • Colors – make sure your colors are appealing to your customer and easily distinquishes your business
  • Logo – your logo should reflect your business and its purpose in meeting customer needs
  • Podcasting – helps to get your business message out to the masses and further brands your business image
  • Website – content is key along with the design of the website; try to build in accessibility for those with disabilities