Heart Centered Leadership Using the EntreLeadership Process

by | Kim Beasley | 4 comments

heart centered leadershipWhen looking for an audio book about heart centered leadership, I found a great resource by Dave Ramsey called “Entreleadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches“. Finding this book really made a difference in the way that I look at running my business and leading my team.

Key to this being the perfect book is the leadership lessons that Dave includes, which are both business and personal. I learned that it's not about “being in charge” that makes you a great leader, it's about being a servant leader who takes care of your people and your business. Both should be looked at as your business family and cultivate to grow to success which is all part of heart centered leadership.

Heart centered leadership lessons learned

One of the lessons I learned from the audiobook and that I took to heart was to call my contractors my team members. I've always seen them as more than just people who work for me and have included them in my inner circle as I share knowledge with them. Investing in them and their family has been very important to me. It didn't always go well with team members and I know that I wasn't the perfect leader at all times. I believe that when a leader can admit to not being perfect then they are on their way to becoming an heart centered leader.

Another lesson about heart centered leadership that I learned was that it is important to cultivate and encourage your team members, instead of mandating and lording over them. When a leader takes the hard route to lead their team then it doesn't encourage your team members to respect you or be willing to go the distance to make your business a success. As a leader invests in their team members by cultivating their growth then team members will have more respect and a better work environment to be success in.

My takeaway about being a heart centered leader

Heart centered leadership is a way of life and a way of running your business that will require you to make  the choice of being a servant leader. When I made the decision, it wasn't an easy transition and I haven't been the best at it all the time. I'm constantly learning how to better my leadership skills and I'm glad that I found this audiobook.

According to Dave, an EntreLeader will have the following characteristics:

  • Passionately serving
  • Mavericks who have integrity
  • Disciplined risk takers
  • Courageous while humble
  • Motivated visionaries
  • Driven while loyal
  • Influential learners

My final thoughts about heart centered leadership is that it's a decision to live a way of life that is all about being a servant leader. I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic so leave a comment and then reshare this post.