Do you have a social media disaster recovery plan? Check out this article.

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If something happened that caused issues with your social media efforts, do you have a recovery plan? Checkout this article that gives you 5 tips to prevent social media disaster.

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Preventing A Social Media Disaster: 5 Tips

If there's one thing that keeps social media marketers up at night, it's the ever-present threat of a PR disaster. By now, every marketer is well-aware of how quickly dissatisfied consumers can turn to the social airwaves to vent about a brand. Nestle, BP, Domino's, Southwest Airlines, and many other brands have witnessed the unbridled power of social media as a platform for disgruntled consumers to rally around an anti-brand cause.

You can never fully “control” what your customers say about your brand on social platforms like Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and forums — nor would you want to. After all, the biggest benefit of social media is to allow your customers to express their opinions and talk about your products and services among themselves, creating a loyal fan base that spreads the word about your brand to their friends and family. However, there are several actionable strategies you can take to avoid — or circumvent — a negative PR storm about your brand online.

Here are five tips to give your brand the best possible chance at avoiding a social media PR debacle, and strategies for quickly handling problems if they arise.