DIGG changes causes users to react drastically

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Many DIGG users revolted against the latest version of their website. Where you one of them? Checkout this article to see the results of the revolt.

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Users Revolt Against New Digg

Since launching its new version last Wednesday, Digg has been met by a slew of criticism from users unhappy with the latest iteration of the social news site. In a current Mashable poll (open until September 1), the majority of users are saying they prefer the old Digg over the new.

Today, the situation escalated further, as users flooded the site's Top News page with links to Reddit by digging stories auto-submitted by the Digg competitor. Similarly, a mention of Reddit's takeover on the Top News page was also doing well on Reddit with user comments such as, “At this rate, by noon digg.com will just redirect to reddit.com.” Other acts of revolt included submissions of content “Not Suitable For Work.”

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