Dealing with Small Business Challenges

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

As a small business owner, facing and beating challenges is a daily adventure and having a positive attitude can help you be successful. Whether your challenges are financial, staffing, or even marketing, you can overcome them by streamlining your processes and putting a plan in place for success.

One way that you can overcome your challenges is by “thinking big” and pushing past your comfort zone of running your business. Thinking big includes seeing what your industry leaders are doing to be successful and duplicate their efforts on a scale that will meet your business needs. Choosing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things can be the very thing your need to do to overcome your business challenges.

To help small business owners overcome their challenges and to get out of their comfort zone, you have to be willing to G.A.I.N. success. The list below was created from the acronym G.A.I.N. to help get you started with your success plan:

  • Get social by integrating social media into your business plan. This means that you need to connect and build relationships with your peers and target audiences on Facebook or Twitter. Research social media websites to determine the best fit for those you are connected to. This can help you find new connections so you can build a relationship and strenghten your relationship with current connections.
  • Align with cross-marketing partners to grow your business. Matching your business power with another business owner can strengthen your marketing power. Choose wisely and make sure it is someone who has the same business ethics and similar vision as you do.
  • Invest in you and your business. Remember that it is important that you take time to increase your knowledge as well as improve your business. Attend training conferences or participate in teleseminar events that will enhance your business knowledge. Be willing to apply new techniques or applications to your business processes as you invest in your business.
  • Newsworthy content sharing through your website. Make sure that you keep fresh content on your website's blog that is newsworthy and captures the attention of your website visitors.

As you apply these tips to your business, facing your small business challenges should flow smoothly. If you find that applying these tips may be difficult for you, don't be afraid to ask a mentor for help. Having a mentor is a wise investment in your business and your mentor can help you overcome your small business challenges.

In the video below, SBCTV Brite Girl, Sara Morris visits with Amy of Ginger Boutique to find out how she uses social media to help her business thrive. This is a great example of how you can use social media and blogging to market your business online.