Dealing with Thanksgiving Holiday through Technology and Social Media

by | Kim Beasley, Tech Tuesday | 0 comments

dealing with thanksgiving holidayWhen it comes to dealing with Thanksgiving Holiday, there are many ways to make it a memorable and a family-centered holiday.  Some choose to gather at a relative's home which is what I'm choosing to do this year. While others choose to travel to a destination with their family to enjoy the warm weather if they currently live in a cold climate.

Just as this picture suggests, if you can just let the people know that you love how much you appreciate them, that would be thanks enough. Saying thank you can mean a lot to even those who are not a relative. This time of the year is a great time to practice showing appreciation to others that you work with, live close to or even those who provide a service to you to make your life a little bit easier.

Regardless how you plan on dealing with Thanksgiving holiday, don't forget that you can also connect with your loved ones using technology and social media.

How are people using technology in dealing with Thanksgiving Holiday?

  • Virtual family gatherings: even if you can't all be in one place on Thanksgiving, you can use virtual conference services like Google+ or Skype to connect with distant relatives as you all are dealing with Thanksgiving holiday
  • Sending Holiday greetings: now you can send virtual greeting via services:,, or; each of these services will allow you to customize your greeting to set the festive mood of Thanksgiving.
  • Black Friday shopping: whether you choose to do your shopping online or offline, you can find great deals and using technology to help you find these great deals. Some mobile apps & websites that you might find helpful are: 

What are some ideas for dealing with Black Friday shopping?

  • Do your research: start checking out online deals first and then the print ads in your local area; sometimes you can get the same deals online and not have to face the holiday crowds.
  • Shop early: some stores are letting you shop early online to get great deals, such as Target who is allowing you to shop on Tuesday to get the jumpstart on dealing with Thanksgiving holiday shopping
  • Shop online: check some of your favorite store to see if they have a Black Friday option for online shopping; this will definitely save you time and frustration on shopping offline

What are some ways to make the Thanksgiving Holiday fun?

  • Share holiday photos: a wonderful way to remember you Thanksgiving family fun is to take plenty of photos and then share them with your family via a private group on Facebook or community on Google+
  • Create Pinterest board: you can also create a private Pinterest board to share the photos with your family and friends
  • Create holiday video: another great idea is to make shoot videos of the time you spent with your family and create a Thanksgiving Holiday video that you could share with your family

In the end, I really want you to all just have fun and fellowship with your family as you enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday! So tell me, how will you be spending the Thanksgiving holiday?