Community Manager Appreciation Day

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Who Are Community Managers?

A Community Manager is the most powerful member of their online community and manages the largest social media accounts, for example Google+. There are several roles that a Community Manager might have, depending on their businesses purposes and nature.

From managing the company’s blog, developing strategies to maximize customer communication to tracking the company’s visibility online, and managing online forums. However, regardless of what a Community Manager does, they are usually hidden behind the scenes. That is why Community Manager Appreciation Day was initiated.

What is Community Manager Appreciation Day?

Four years ago in 2010, Jeremiah Owyang an Industry Analyst, initiated an International event called Community Manager Appreciation Day. It’s a day that takes place every 4th Monday of January to recognize and give thanks to all the Community Managers around the world. To show appreciations to those who have assisted with connecting to customers, managing the company’s visibility online, and all the other unrecognized tasks they do.

I had the privilege of being able to interview Jeremiah Owyang in a Google+ Hangout to talk to him more about the Community Manager Appreciation Day. Below are some of the questions he answered in the interview.

  1. How did you get started with Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD)?
  2. Why is CMAD 2013 important to communities?
  3. How can viewers get involved with CMAD 2013?
  4. Do you have an ongoing plan to connect with community managers?
  5. How far has CMAD spread? What have people done around the globe?
  6. Are gifts required?

The video interview with Jeremiah Owyang is below 

[youtube OddyzrINp3M]

Get Involved

While there are no gifts required, there are a variety of things one can do to get and be involved in Community Manager Appreciation Day. It’s a day that lets one say “thank you” for all the tasks that their Community Manager does. Around the world companies and individuals have created events, workshops, and dinners to show their appreciation on this day. This year marks the 4th Annual Community Manager Appreciation Day around the world. To learn more about the Community Manager Appreciation Day, follow the links below.