Changing social media habits and tech gadgets of teens

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When it comes to trends regarding social media habits and tech gadgets of teens, there are some very interesting findings. In my research, I found a great resource called where I found an infographic with more details regarding the trending social media behavior of teens. In recent years, teens have changed their social media habits in regard to what they feel is “hot” at the moment.

Some of the number may be surprising to you while others are what you expected. The survey spans from Fall 2012 to Spring 2014. With the resurgence of wearable tech, it too has attracted the attention of teens. Also affected is where teens meetup in an in-person social networking environment. According to Statista, the chart below about the social media habits of teens…

This statistics shows the preferred social networks of U.S. teenagers. During the Spring 2014 survey, it was found that Twitter was the preferred social network of 27 percent of U.S. teens. Facebook was ranked second with 23 percent of teenagers in the United States. Values may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding. The source does not provide exact data regarding the age of respondents.

social media habits - Statistic: Most popular social networks of U.S. teenagers from Fall 2012 to Spring 2014 | Statista | social media habits Find more statistics at Statista


What are my thoughts about the trending social media habits of teens?

In a recent weekly news segment for KRNV, I shared about this very topic. Checkout my segment below.

Why is it important for parents to understand their teens social media habits?

It's simple, Social Media eCommerce, reputation status of teens and relationship status are all things that teens may share that have become a part of their social media habits. This is important to parents because teens can now use “wearable tech” to make purchases through social groups.

Teens no longer have to be in front of a desktop computer to enjoy using social media. They have all kinds of tech gadgets they can use. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and even wrist band gadgets allow them to use their social media anywhere. Teens should be taught the positives and negatives of social media. To be safe, cautious, and careful with the information they share with their friends.

Trends regarding Social Media eCommerce

Twitter is one of the biggest social media habits for teens today. They are constantly on Twitter. Chatting with friends, updating their statuses; soon they will be able to buy things with a click of a button through Twitters eCommerce section. Wearable tech is also going to be a huge trend for teens; as well as for parents.

Teens can stay connected with friends; play a mobile base social game where they can search for other players and modify to change it up the game. This wearable tech will also be great for parents; they will be able to always know where their teens are.

In conclusion; the social media habits of teens are getting more tech savvy with advanced tech gadgets. This makes it harder for parents to keep up with what their teen is doing and purchasing through social media.