Changes to your Google ad campaign could affect your money flow

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Read this article to learn how a company's money flow was affected when they changed their Google ad campaign. See how it was handled by Google to correct a drastic mistake.

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I Let Google Change My Ad Campaign and It Nearly Killed My Company

By Ethan Siegel, CEO, Orb Audio, New York City

When the Google ad people approached us in 2007 offering to optimize our ad campaign, it sounded like a great idea. Google accounts for more than 90% of our ad budget and generates about 90% of our sales, and we have an excellent working relationship with them. So we let them fiddle with our keywords, bids, and campaign structure. We flipped the switch to implement the changes, and lo and behold, our revenues dropped 30% while our advertising costs rose 30%, literally overnight. I felt like I had killed the golden goose.

My company, Orb Audio, makes and sells round speakers for home theaters and computers. We sell direct to the customer at a fraction of the prices offered by big box stores. Our business is entirely online, which makes Google AdSense a logical partner in our ad campaign — we've been working with them since we started the company in 2003. Back then, selling expensive items online was considered foolish. But as online sales have taken off, so, too, has our company. We've built up a long, successful track record, and my mistake was letting someone else make changes to an ad campaign that worked just fine.