Businesses Must Connect with their Customers

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Businesses today must be more “social” when to comes to doing business. Customers want to interact with people and they want to get to know the businesses that they are dealing with on a social level. Any business who does not do this is only hurting themselves at the end of the day. This is a vital part of doing business today in an era of technology.

Mark Zuckerberg,CEO of Facebook explained it best in this video clip:


[youtube Xs0vOAGSXGc]


We all want to feel connected to someone and something. So it's only natural that this is spilling over into the business world. Why do you think more and more businesses are creating pages on Facebook, Google+ and other platforms? It's because there is something very powerful about being social.

Ask yourself how social you are with your target audience and current customers? What can you do to become more social?