Business Makeover: Who’s in Control, You or Your Social Networking

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 6 comments

Does this sound familiar to you: I don't know where all the time went to because I was having so much fun networking. Or will you admit that you spend more time social networking than you do on actually planning your business future? I will admit that I've been addicted to social networking and it was getting in the way of me growing my business.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe in regularly participating in social networking because it does help you grow your business. However, if it takes over you life and controls you instead of you controlling it then stepping back and taking a look at your social networking activities is very important. So much so, I'm sure that you will agree with the following checklist that I'm now using regarding my social networking activities.

  • Am I participating in social networking with a purpose in mind?
  • Do I give to others when social networking (i.e., paying it forward or helping others without expecting anything in return)?
  • Have I given out to much of my business knowledge so that I am not gaining new clients?
  • Do I have a set-aside time for when I participate in social networking?
  • Am I “me-centered” when participating in social networking (i.e., is everything about me)?
  • Do I have a plan in mind about incorporating social networking into my business growth?

There are many more questions that you could ask yourself regarding social networking but the most important thing you need to keep in mind is make sure that you keep a balanced schedule. It has really helped me during my business makeover to know when I would be heavily participating in social networking during the each day. Having a social networking plan in place for you business is not only important but necessary.

Do you have any other ideas regarding the participation in social networking that you would like to share? Please feel free to leave a comment so that other can learn from your knowledge and you can pay it forward to them also.