Business Makeover: Using Virtual Teams

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 4 comments

After hiring my virtual assistant (VA), I quickly realized that if I create a virtual team that I would be able to continue refining my business processes. I figured that it would a good idea to hire a team of specialist so that I could outsource to them and continue refining my business process.

As a business owner, one must keep in mind that having a virtual team in place will help you leverage your business better. Have you given any thoughts to putting a virtual team to work for you? Below is a list of areas that would be good to outsource to a virtual team:

  • Managing Calendar
  • Creating graphics
  • Content Management (blog & website)
  • Data entry
  • Handling phone calls
  • Organizing computer
  • Research
  • Creating newsletter

These are just a few of the areas that you can outsource to your virtual team. Have you been feeling overwhelmed or your projects are getting behind? Has this post sparked ideas of where you could put a virtual team to work for you? Then please feel free to leave you comments and share your experience of working with a virtual team.