Business Makeover Series Finale`

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Yesterday was the final blog post for my business makeover. Now I'm going to begin the process of converting my blog posts into a book. I'll be sharing about my book writing process along with other spicy details about my upcoming series throughout the rest of this month.

I'm so excited that I accomplished my goal of blogging for 21-days about my business makeover because it helped me to create a new habit of blogging everyday. This stuff really does work that if you do something for 21 days then you can make it into a habit. I used to dread blogging on a consistent basis but in the last 21 days, I have come to enjoy it.

What I've learned during my business makeover has changed my way of doing business drastically. I now know that as I make these changes that it will cause my business to grow dramatically. Here are some of the things I learned over the span of 21 days.

I also excited about all the comments that so many shared during my 21-day business makeover. One of the great things I'm going to do in my book, is include the comments along with crediting each commenter with a link to their website. If you learned something during this process, please feel free to share. Thanks all for your support and suggestions! Watch for more details about the book that will soon be released.