Business Makeover: Managing Conflict Resolution

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As a business owner, I have realized the dealing with conflict is a skill that one must hone and be able to handle with precision and tact. I have learned that when confronted with conflict that keeping a level head, being open to a resolution and clarifying my point are some of the keys to a successful resolution to a conflict. I must admit that some times I've had to count to 10 or higher when dealing with a difficult conflict but in the end, I felt that coming to an amicable resolution was best.

There are different types of conflict that business owners deal from day to day and having a resolution plan for conflicts is a good thing to have. During my business makeover, I have experienced conflicts which not only affect my business but some affected me personally. I chose to stay positive while dealing with the conflicts and come to a resolution to immediately expedite matters. Some of the tools I use when dealing with conflict are:

  • Keep a listening ear
  • Don't pre-judge the outcome
  • Be prepared to work towards a resolution
  • Be clear in your view of the conflict
  • Deal with the conflict as soon as possible, don't let it linger
  • Be open to unexpected resolution scenarios

By using these tools during my conflict resolution situations, I have been able to keep a level head, was open to resolution as I clarified my point. Have you dealt with a conflict recently that seemed to overtake your business? How did you resolve it? Do you have any suggestions for those dealing with conflict. Please feel free to share.