Business Makeover: Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 12 comments

Wow, I actually hired a virtual assistant (VA) to help me get things organized with my business makeover. This was a hard decision because I've always been the hands-on business owner and releasing control is hard. Don't get me wrong, I can delegate when the need arises but to actually had over tasks that I'm used to doing, has been hard.

To help me determine who I should hire as my VA, I chose to ask for references from my mentor Mari Smith (@MariSmith) and she gave me 5 VA names. I immediately contacted them via Facebook but the strangest thing is that only one of the persons responded to me. I thought this was strange because if you are in business and someone contacts you about your services, it's customary that you respond. So I communicated with the person who responded and now she and I are developing a working relationship.

What are some of the lessons that I learned from my experience in hiring a VA, hmmm let me share:

  • Ask people you trust for referrals
  • Make sure that you know what you are looking for in a VA
  • Hire someone who is professional
  • Hire someone who is prompt in responding to you
  • Be prepared to sign an agreement, if they don't have one then you should be concerned
  • Be open to suggestion from the VA in how they can best assist you
This has been an interesting process but I feel that I am going to become more organized and streamlined as I partner with my VA to manage my business. I just have to remember to…release, relax, & relate to the fact that I now have someone who will help me be a better business owner. Is it hard? No, just that I have to become more open to change. <smile>
Do you have additional suggestion regarding key things that business owners should keep in mind when hiring a VA? Please feel free to share them so that others can benefit from your experience.