Business Makeover: Getting Over The Hump

by | Kim Beasley, Motivational, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

When making habit changes, sometimes we run into a “hump” that we feel is blocking the way of success. Yet some choose not to the press on past the hump and get stopped in their tracks. Others choose to fake it and make it look like they have gotten over the hump and drift along on a wing and a prayer. Then there are the successful people who actually choose to deal with the hump by defining what it is and determining the best way to beat the hump.

Where are you in dealing with your “hump”? Have you identified what it is and created a solution to getting past it? My hump has always been hidden procrastination. This means that I start big and then I say that things are going as planned but in reality I've run out of a plan and I seem to loose the unction to continue.

So to help me get past the “hump” I decided to face it this time and press through to success. What's making it different this time is that I am putting things in place that will ensure success which is something that I hadn't done before. Below are the things that I've put into place that are helping me get past my “hump”:

  • Define who will mentor me and have regular meetings
  • Get at least 3 accountability partners who will check-in on my progress
  • Determine a plan that is doable for me to successful
  • Be open to change regardless if it is small or big
  • Walk out the path that's best for me and not one that is meant for someone else
  • Choose my actions wisely
  • Use tools that are beneficial to your business makeover process (click here to read the first post in this series for more details about the tools I'm using)

Some of these I am always able to complete successfully while others have been missing from my attempts to getting over the business makeover “hump” in the past. Do you have additional points that I can include on this list that will help me and other to get over the “hump”? Please feel free to add your comments.