Business Makeover: Do You Have an Affiliate Marketing Plan

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As a business owner have you thought about creating an Affiliate Marketing Plan? This would include a two-part approach. The first would be where you setup an affiliate program for you business. The second is where you join affiliate programs of other business owners so you can earn passive income. Either way helps you increase your finances.

A few years ago I embarked into the affiliate marketing realm by joining different affiliate programs. I have been able to find ones which pay me on a monthly basis as I tell others about their services. Some have big payout while others have smaller payouts. I have a simple test that I use when deciding to join an affiliate program…

  • I ask myself if this is a product that I can stand behind with assurance that it is a good product.
  • If the answer to the first question is yes then I ask myself if the product is something that others would want to use.
  • If the answer to both questions is yes then I have a winner and I join the affiliate program.

I have come to realize that joining a lot of affiliate programs is not necessarily the best answer for me because I want to be able to target affiliate programs for my clients and those who are potential visitors to my websites. If my focus is not about cars, then I'm not going to join an affiliate program about cars.

Do you have an affiliate marketing plan which incorporates you participating in an affiliate program or having your own affiliate program? If not, what are some of your reasons for not participating? If you do, why do you participate in affiliate programs. Inquiring minds want to know so please feel free to share your thoughts.