Business Makeover: Developing Your Support System

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 1 comment

One of the things I realized is that in order to be successful with my business that I need to put a support & outsourcing system in place. To me, both systems are made up of a group of people who help me ensure my business run smoothly. Such as…

  • Virtual Assistant (VA): helps make sure that my administrative task are handled (Support)
  • Audio/video editor: edits all audio & video that I create (Outsource)
  • Content manager: ensure that the the content on my blogs and my customer blogs are current and relevant (Outsource)
  • Business Mentor: help me determine best direction for my business (Support)
  • Accountability partners: help ensure that I stay on target with business tasks (Support)
  • Financial Mentor: help ensure that I handle my finances correctly (Support)
  • Marketing Mentor: help me fine tune the branding for my companies (Support)
  • Internet research: complete research on the internet regarding specific topics that I will write about (Outourse)

I have already started forming both systems and have been very impressed with what I have experienced so far. I'm still looking to fill a couple of these areas but until then, I will press forth toward my successful business makeover.

Have you been trying to determine if you need to go through a business makeover? Do you have questions about my progress or your own progress? Have you been trying to determine who you should have as part of your support system? Then please feel free to post your comments here or use my contact form to send your request to me directly.