Business Makeover: Dealing with the Dark-side of Business

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 5 comments

While I was watching a commentary regarding the psychology about the persona of Bruce Wayne/Batman, a thought came to me that as a business owner there is a dark-side we have to deal with too. The dark-side consist of anything that is negative or fearful.

As a business owner, we have to be careful that the dark-side doesn't rule us and cause us to run our business unwisely. So what are some of the dark-side issue? Glad you asked. Below are a few of the things that I consider as the dark-side of business.

  • Stealing clients
  • Adding extra time to client projects
  • When bartering or exchanging services, you intentionally make sure that you get more than what your barter is worth
  • Lead new clients to believe that you have more experience than you actually do to win their project (this means that you don't let your client know that you are outsourcing their work to someone who does have the skillset and then you take the credit)

Sharing about the dark-side of business which is something that I've experienced first-hand, is something that I feel strongly about. Conducting business on the dark-side will catch up with you someday just like Batman always catch his nemesis. I want to encourage all to be truthful in conducting business and making sure that your business is ethical and that you are not only after the money.

Have you experienced someone dealing with you from the dark-side of business? I would like to hear about your experience and how you dealt with it.