Business Makeover: Are You Prepared with an Emergency Plan

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 3 comments

Recently I experienced unplanned downtime due to Internet outage which affected my ability to do business, receive/send email or even communicate via my social media outlets. I faced reality that I didn't have a backup plan in case something like this happened. I didn't have emergency procedures in place so that I wouldn't have to go without Internet access.

So my first plan of action while I was down was to create an emergency backup plan in case this happened again. I began by looking for alternative solutions that I could have in place just in case my access was limited again. Below is a list of what I determined:

  • Locate alternative external sources where I could gain access to the Internet freely (i.e., library or food establishments  with Internet access)
  • Obtain information from cell phone company on how I can use my cell phone with my computer to access the Internet
  • The old tried and true method, have emergency dial-up access numbers just in case neither of the above worked

Having this plan in place will definitely be beneficial if I have Internet access problems again. Do you have an emergency plan in place just in case you loose your main source of access to the Internet? Please share your ideas on what you have included in your emergency plan.