Business Makeover: Are You Checking Yourself?

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 3 comments

Today's focus is going to be on checking up with my progress and seeing if I am on target with my checklist. Last week, I had accomplished everything but one task on my checklist. Let's see how I did this week.

  • Continue monitoring my social networking time frames & create schedule (Work in progress)
  • Create Mind Map for my business makeover (DONE!)
  • Develop strategy for implementing business makeover (Work in progress)
  • Continue working on setting up daily schedule (Work in progress)
  • Focus on the services that I will provide to my clients (work in progress)
  • Create to do list for VA (almost complete)

Hmmm… It looks like I have a lot of “work in progress” this week on my checklist. Have I been too busy doing other things to get these done. I would say no. Just because a task is a “work in progress” doesn't mean that I wasn't working on it. What it means is that I am continuing to refine it. No, I'm not in denial, just realistic and choosing not to stress over it.

For the next week, I will keep the tasks that are still “work in progress” and add to the list the following:

  • Setup free and busy time on calendar
  • Transition calendar management to my Technical Coordinator
  • Refine process for handling client projects
  • Identify Joint Venture (JV) partnerships

During the process of going through my business makeover, I have learned that in order for me to be successful that I have to be able to release control of things that I can allow someone else to handle; relate to others by partnering to accomplish common goals; and relax in knowing that everything will work out and that I don't have to do everything myself.

Just to give you a background on release-relate-relax, I wanted to share where I first heard this. I was watching “Living Single” and Khadijah was very stressed out because of her business and personal life issues. She was strongly encouraged to go to a psychiatrist who helped her to deal with all the major changes in her life that were starting to affect her. Khadijah was told that in order for her to be able to fully deal with her stress that she needed to release everything, relate to the now, and then relax in know that everything will work out.

I have kept this in mind over the years whenever I became stressed about my business or life issue. It helped me put things in focus. What are you stressed about and how are you dealing with it? Do you have a way of de-stressing that helps you to focus on the important things in life and not just the stressful things? Please share about your experience.