Business Change: Life in the fast lane

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

rock-water-fountain Have you found that your life is passing by you so fast that it seem you miss out on it? Are there little things that you seem to never get to on a daily basis like blogging? Well, I want to encourage you with a simple acrostic using the letters of LIFE.

Live each moment and enjoy

It as you go through each day.

Find those special times each and

Every day when you can take “me” time.

Sometimes you just might need someone to encourage you or to just lift you up and that’s just what I want to do.

Recently, I experience a life change where I had to apply the "L.I.F.E.” acrostic. After talking to a couple of my good friends about some life changes I needed to make, I received some good advice. I talked to them about some of the issues that I was experiencing in my body and it was suggested that I check out natural supplements. I found this a good suggestion because the issues I was experiencing were being caused by prescription medication that I had to finally get off of.

As a business owner, I can’t afford having a days where I can’t function which was starting to happen to me on a daily basis when I was on the prescription medication. After making the life altering decision to get off the medications that were causing severe issues, I feel a lot better. Now I don’t feel that I’m living life in the fast lane, just in the lane in the middle. 🙂 Not too fast or too slow. Just relaxed!