Build Habits that Improve You

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The most important of all tips and strategies you can activate in 2017, is the ability to identify where you need to improve. Once you identify where your life, career, and skills need to be improved you can work on building those valuable habits that make you a success.

These habits will effectively impact how you do business and how you grow your business visibility. This could include regular email networking, taking time to shut down away from your business, or even completely ridding yourself of habits that can harm your visibility. Once you are improving in all ways yourself, your business will see the benefits as well.

The Science Behind Building Habits

Once you’ve made the decision to start building positive habits that can improve you and your business, it’s time to actually put in the work that goes. Building habits can be harder than it seems. But if you put in the effort and understand the science behind building habits, you can easily start transforming your life.

Here are a few scientific ways you can start building positive habits:

  • Make Micro-Goals: these are small achievements that you set for yourself to accomplish each day. Your micro-goals should be taking you towards the direction of your larger, long-term goal, but also be attainable enough that you can complete them each day. This way you have the motivation to build the habits you need to reach your long-term goals.
  • Eliminate distractions: Building day-to-day habits can be so hard because there are so many things in life that can distract us. When you eliminate distractions whether, in your workplace or personal life, it can be easier to focus solely on building habits.
  • Create behavior chains: Behavior chains are simply ways that we can incorporate our current routines into the new habits we want to build. Instead of saying, “I will network goal,” you should be saying to yourself, “Every morning when I log in to my computer, I will reach out to 5 new people on LinkedIn.” This way, you have a concrete goal to hold onto that doesn’t detract from your current routine, making it easier to form into a habit.

Positive Habits That Can Help Grow Your Business

One of the most important parts of building positive habits is identifying what kinds of things in your life and your business need to be improved. Determining the habits that can most improve you involves taking a look at your business, the things that you find difficult to accomplish, and the areas in which you are lacking. While everyone’s best habits will differ, here are a few general habits that can help grow your business and improve you.

Taking the time to build habits that improve you can help your business grow and increase your visibility. Building these positive habits aren’t always easy, but if you identify areas you need to grow and stick to a plan you can be on your way to growing your business in no time.

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