Break Through Your Personal Barriers and Start Your Business

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One of the biggest steps to overcome in starting your business is personal barriers. Despite the desire, idea, and want sometimes there is a personal block and we can not figure out how to break through. Personal barriers may be caused by fear or inaction. We are often times our own worst enemy and the one that is keeping us from enjoying a full life and success in our business.

What are some steps to take to overcome personal barriers?

Do you have an idea or business in mind? Have you been thinking about a business idea for a long time? Personal barriers are usually unseen and unknown to us. We feel it but are not quite sure what it is. Personal barriers can be caused by many things, but they must be overcome. Some things you can do to overcome your personal barriers and become the success you desire are:

  • See your success – Visualizing your life when you have reached your goal is a great motivator to get started. If you can see it then you can do it.
  • Make a plan – A business plan is a map to your success. Putting together a plan with concrete steps will give you the direction you need.
  • Give your idea 15 minutes – Spend just 15 minutes working on your business idea. You may be surprised what you accomplish in that little time and working 15 minutes at a time will get you there faster than not working on your idea at all.

How can we make our fears work for us?

Fear is an emotion that we generally avoid. If we are willing to look at our fear and truly understand it then we can overcome it. Often times in examining our fears we will find that the personal barriers we face because of them are unfounded. By working through your fear you will conquer it and be better for it. Fear is a normal emotion and part of everyday life, but learning to embrace it and welcome it can open doors. You can deal with your fears by:

  • Analyzing – Think about why you are choosing fear. Does fear feel safe? What benefit are you getting from not going forward?  Understanding why you are fearful is the first step to moving beyond it.
  • Making it smaller – By breaking down your fears you can conquer them in smaller steps and not become overwhelmed.
  • Use fear to move forward – Nothing is scarier than thinking about being in the same fearful place years from now. Use your fears to drive you forward by taking action.

What are we really afraid of?

Are you afraid your idea will fail or are you afraid of success? It is scary to put yourself out there. Starting a business is very personal and often times we are afraid of being judged or that others will not like our idea. The good news is that everyone does not have to like your idea. You are not trying to get every person in the world to be your customer. Targeting those who will receive benefits from what you are offering can change your mindset. A goal of helping others can be all you need to change your mindset.

Breaking through your personal barriers is challenging and must be done to get to the success you desire. Stop being scared and take steps now to ensure your future business success.