The Avia Media Player Software Is An Excellent Mobile App

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Avia Media App

The Avia Media App

I recently searched the app store for the perfect media player software and that’s when I found the Avia Media mobile app. I had photos, videos, and music all scattered together in one folder on my mobile device that was titled “Media.” I wanted a mobile app that would allow me to view, listen, or share my media files regardless of what device I am on and with the Avia Media Player software mobile app, I can do all that, plus more.

The Avia Media Player mobile app really simplifies the way I can manage all of my media files, in an easy and simple mobile app. With this media player software, the DLNA streaming and server capabilities, allows me to share all my media, at anytime and from anywhere!  Avia software mobile app uses a wi-fi network to connect to all of your sources on your mobile device, all the devices on your network, and also your Social Media sites – Facebook, Dropbox, and Picasa.  It’s optimized for Google TV; Kindle Fires, Android smartphones and tablets. Below are some of the main features that I love about Avia Media Player mobile app.

  • Social Media Integration, with Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa.
  • Easily Create Playlists and Rate content, using the intuitive interface.
  • Control and fling media, between all your personal devices or friends who is on the same network as you.
  • The DLNA capabilities, this allows you to share your media between all your devices in your network.
  • Easy Navigation, with the media tabs boldly displayed it makes it easy to click through all categories.


Avia Media Main Screen

Managing Avia Media Player Mobile App

From all your sources in your Avia Media Player mobile app, you can decide which source you want to play your media files from.  You can also hold your finger down on a file and a list will pop up asking you if you want to fling (transfer file) the media file and to whom you want to fling it too on the network. With all mobile devices that you have on your network you can copy all of your media files to each one with one easy click and not have to worry about trying to download each individual one to each device when you are transferring from one device to the another. It’s as simple as that, with Avia Media Player!


Avia Media Player App Sources and Sharing Networks

Avia Media Sources

You have heard me mention being able to share your media files through the network on this mobile app. But there really isn’t any type of guide that tells you how to do it or where to go to do it, in this media player. I know every mobile device is different, so you need to push the icon that pulls up options for you when you’re on a file. Below is a step by step guide on how to get to the screen you need to be able to change, add, or remove different network options.  


  1. Open Avia Media Player
  2. Main Screen hit the options button. (Mine looks like a piece of paper)
  3. Choose Settings
  4. Under Services, check DLNA server and renderer. There are other options under Services that you can, lock on wi-fi, lock phone on, change the DLNA server and renderer.
  5. Under Sources on the same screen, you can login to your Facebook, Dropbox, and Picasa.

You can also change the settings in the same section for photos, stubhub, and choose to install the Viatmio plug-in that supports additional media types so you can play them as well. I have been all through the Avia Media Player mobile app and I have to say, I didn’t even have my mobile device hooked up to my Desktop while I was searching the mobile app store, I happened to click install for the Avia Media Player thinking it would download to my computer for me to transfer to my mobile device when I have it wire connected and all of a sudden my mobile device beeped letting me know the installation had just finished!

Over All Thoughts on Avia Media Player Mobile App

I was truly amazed at what the Avia Media Player software has to offer. The only negative thing I have came acrossed while using this mobile app, is once every so often, it will pop up on my screen that Avia Media Player has forced itself to close. But the music still played without any interruptions and I just clicked on my Avia Media Player icon and it re-opened back to the file I was on. Now this has only happened two times to me and just like with any software or program, we gets these errors from time to time. Definitely, not a big enough issue for me to stop using this media player, in my opinion, it’s the best mobile app on the market. To learn more about the Avia Media Player and to install this excellent mobile app software, go to the Avia Media Player mobile app in the app store.