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Michelle Li, Newscaster

michelle li - tv news casterI have rarely met a person who can be in three different places at the same time, but Kim Beasley can virtually be anywhere. She is an influencer on social media and when she has put her mind to something, she can make anything happen. I rely on Kim to enhance my Google Plus hangouts for our newscasts, and I've called on her to be a social media correspondent for the news. Kim also helps run the events for our nightly news hangouts as well. If there is a person to hire for Google Plus, it is THE Kim Beasley. She is a major contributor to our social media initiatives, and I enjoy working with her.    


Gaill Blackburn, Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach

gaill blackburnI am so eternally grateful to Kim Beasley for her expertise in Social Media and her Engagement Factor System. Kim has made it so easy to become NOTICED online! She was instrumental in my being a guest speaker on HuffPost Live – talk about EXPOSURE! I could have never ever done this by myself… Thanks to Kim I am well on my way – mere words can never express the depth of my gratitude!!!    


Jacqueline Green, host of the Great Parenting Show

jacqueline-headshotKim Beasley is a brilliant teacher and social media strategist. Thanks to her coaching, I was invited to be on HuffPost Live. She gives you actionable steps and supports you from developing your strategy to the action steps. Kim, I literally couldn't have done it without you, and I’m so grateful for your superb help.