A Look Into RingCentral Glip and How To Organize Business Processes

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Discovering how to organize business processes is one of the most important aspects of your team collaboration. Using email can only get so far with this and is not even close to being an organized tool, and while other collaboration tools give you the flexibility of communication I’ve found that they aren’t an all-in-one solution which leads to using multiple apps for each solution I’ve needed.

My team and I have recently made the switch to RingCentral Glip from other project management software. RingCentral Glip provides an all-in-one solution to team collaboration, management, and projects. Let’s dig deeper into why I’ve chosen RingCentral Glip and why it was best for my team to make the switch.

We Ditched Time Wasting Apps

Although the various software is available to help regarding collaborating and are perfect for that, they get in the way of productivity. When you look at how you use one for project management, another for team communication, another for to-do lists, all of these add up to having to switch a lot. It ends up with you managing the software, instead of them managing your productivity.

By switching to one app, RingCentral Glip, that can do it all, we can say goodbye to other team collaboration apps that add up to wasted time.

We Combined Communication With Project Management

When I need to assign tasks and projects to a team member it usually means using a task manager to assign it, and letting my team know about it in other forms of communication, which leads to an even bigger discussion than necessary.

RingCentral Glip offers a neat concept of combining communication with project and task management – it even offers separated chats with each task. This has helped us to organize business processes as we streamlined our projects.

Chat and Video Make the Perfect Couple

Bringing another seamless integration along, offering the perfect mix of chat-based communication and video calling means no interruption between planning a video call and quickly hopping into a call.

Rather than planning out a call with a team member or even my entire team, I can simply click the easily accessible video call button, which is available at the top of every chat including individual people, teams, and group chats. At almost no steps at all, my entire team, video chatting in no time and getting stuff done while never dealing with that clunky, high-latency video chat software again.

We Replaced All Calendars With Glip

With those project and task management features I mentioned already, RingCentral Glip fills the gap between calendar management and collaboration.

With an entire calendar that syncs with your whole team through individualized tasks and projects, RingCentral Glip makes calendars a breeze and no longer a headache.

Glip Introduces Version Control

Anyone who's ever sent multiple files to different team members and managed the various versions and changes to those files knows that it's a major block of frustration and long replies of explaining what's changed. Not to mention, getting everyone on the same page.

Unlike email and other forms of file sharing communication solutions, RingCentral Glip allows my team to send files and then update those files with new versions. The version control updates the file seamlessly across every member of my team and gets everyone on the same page with each file.

Organize Business Processes & Get More Stuff Done

In conclusion, the switch to RingCentral Glip is making my team even more productive and in sync with each other as we organize business processes. With more features included in one app, I can replace all the extra apps I needed before, and never have to worry about constantly switching apps to manage my team again.

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