A Genius Lies Within Us All

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In a recent TedTalks podcast, author Elizabeth Gilbert, gave an 18 minute talk about her life and her success. That talk, while deeply personal, was funny and quite moving. In her talk she discussed how within each person is some stroke of genius. You don't have to have achieved a high score on the IQ scale to be  a genius. For within each person lies the ability to pull from within themselves and the world around them, the genius nature that is waiting for them.

Part of life is about the self discovery that we find within ourselves. We all want to be successful and we all want to know what our life plan is. How can we achieve more? Within us is a drive and desire to succeed. However if you don't succeed in ways you think you should or if you don't follow up a success with another success does that make you a failure? According to Elizabeth Gilbert the answer is no. She states that if you do your part and you show up and do the work then you've done what you needed to do. You've made your mark just by doing what needed to be done at that moment.

Her talk is an excellent and inspiring video to watch. Enjoy!

[youtube 86x-u-tz0MA nolink]