7 Tips That Help You Better Engage at Events – Cd Vann

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 3 comments

Have you been looking for an event that will stimulate your brain, stretch your social media efforts, and strenghten your online presence? Then you definitely should checkout unGeeked e'lite that is coming up in Chicago (May 12-14, 2011) and is hosted by Cd Vann a.k.a. @thatwoman_is. Also, I will be doing a live interview with CD, via BlogTalkRadio.com where she will further share her passion about social media, marketing, and branding for businesses.

unGeeked invites attendees to learn how to leverage their internal and external marketing and branding campaigns. Our Discussion Leaders cover topics that will assist departments such as Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Customer Service, Sales, Human Resources and Legal with engaging, storytelling and conveying the authenticity of the brand, whether it be to your customers (Product to Consumer) or to your clients (B2B) or to members (not-for-profits).

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I recently interviewed CD regarding unGeeked and below is the results of this interview:

What is unGeeked and why the new format?

The format is intimate less than 125 attendees and we are formatting a new style of engaging with attendees called the Socratic style of presenting.

What is the Socratic style of teaching?

The Socratic style of presenting is a spin on the Socratic style of teaching. It's said that students learn best when they are given an opportunity to really engage in a back-and-forth style of conversation not only with other students and peers, but also with their teacher. Teachers are encourage to spend less time using presentation tools and chalkboards and more time sharing their knowledge and expertise on a topic with the students.

Why the need for the Socratic style of presenting?

unGeeked uses this same principal for unGeeked attendees. Our attendees are all Owners, CEO's, Directors or Managers. Our attendees are well beyond the basics of understanding how to use digital tools. They are interested in strategies, case studies, best practices. And more importantly they want to share what they are doing and why it works. They want to go beyond the constraints of a 10 minute Q&A session.

Attendees walk away with more, learn more and are able to back to their desk and apply immediately what they've learned. But it also provides those attendees who are doing it right with a feeling of affirmation and the encouragement to move forward successfully with their projects.

How do you select your Discussion Leaders?

I approached potential Discussion Leaders by asking them are they willing to use the presentation style I am trying to implement. Most “speakers,” don't want to go beyond the traditions of using Power Points and 10 minute Q&A sessions. These are the Discussion Leaders I don't want at unGeeked. They are not engaging the audience in conversation — they want the audience to listen as they drone on about their latest book, clients and other accomplishments. That is not what the attendee has paid to come see. Well, at least not at unGeeked.

Why don't you care for Power Points or Prezi tools?

They are crutches. They limit audience participation. They place a time limit on engaging via Q&A. And more importantly, they are chocked full of bullet points that are often confusing and lead to no real solution.

How new is unGeeked Retreat?

We will be one year old in June. We are a true non-funded start-up.

What are your goals?

To change what we expect from conference and events where thoughts are shared. Also to initiate the need to create better communication between attendee and Discussion Leader and Discussion Leader and attendee.

Why attend unGeeked?

To learn. To affirm and share best practices. To engage with Discussion Leaders who are also authors, thought leaders, internationally, nationally and regionally recognized consultants with proven best practices and strategies. To create future alliances. To absorb knowledge.