7 Secret Powers of an Introvert Entrepreneur

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Living the life of an introvert entrepreneur is one that I realize may have extrovert experiences. Depending on the situation, you may notice I'm displaying introvert tendencies while at other times, you'll notice my extrovert tendencies. Some even refer to it as being an ambivert where someone can be either an introvert or an extrovert, depending on the situation.

The terms introvert and extrovert were introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In Jung’s view, introversion and extroversion are ways of responding to the outside world. He described introverts as preferring small groups of people to large groups, and enjoying activities such as reading, writing, and thinking. Let's dive deep and learn what an introverted entrepreneur is.

While people are either mostly introverted or mostly extroverted, some fall somewhere in the middle or they are called ambiverts. Though they may be harder to identify, introverts make up approximately one third to half of the population, or one out of every two or three people.

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Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

Introvert entrepreneurs are more likely to listen carefully to suggestions and support others' efforts to be proactive. Extrovert leaders, conversely, like to be the center of attention and tend to be threatened by others' proactivity. Living the life of an introvert entrepreneur can be hard at times, especially if you are trying to build your business online.

To build a business online, it requires using video marketing and social media or being the center of attention. In this situation, an introvert may become more like an ambivert. According to Inc.com, Ambiverts are more successful and influential than extroverts…

What is it that makes ambiverts more successful in sales, with traits that surely translate into success and influence in other areas as well? In one word: balance. Ambiverts have introvert and extrovert traits, but in balance.

So being an introverted entrepreneur can mean that you are an ambivert undercover. Being able to balance both extroversion and introversion is an asset, and your introversion can be a powerful tool, if used correctly. Next, we will dive into what makes you, an introvert, special.

A look at the introvert entrepreneur with secret powers?

introvert entrepreneur - kim beasleyAs an introverted entrepreneur who has extrovert tendencies, I have found that there are some secret powers that have helped me be successful.

  • Good listener.
  • Comfortable with solitude.
  • Leads by example.
  • Open and flexible.
  • Stable emotionally.
  • Powerful and influential.
  • Creative solution finder.

Final through about introvert entrepreneur secret powers…

Being an introvert, I fully understand what you're thinking, so don't let this list overwhelm you. Just keep in mind the secret powers mentioned in this blog post can come naturally to introverts. If you have questions, use my contact form.