7 Keys to Developing a Heart Centered Business

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Heart Centered BusinessIn doing a business Health Check to develop a heart centered business (HCB), one of the things to set as a goal is creating long-lasting freedom through the right environment. One such decision was to take off Fridays from business and use that day to focus more on doing things that were heart centered. By doing this, I have been able to start bringing balance back to my personal and business lives.

One of the things that has helped, is my Freedom Fridays; a day in which I take a Health Check on my personal and business life. Key to making a success check is being open to fixing things that are not working and making decisions that can be uncomfortable. What has helped me the most is knowing that by creating my Freedom Fridays,  I have given myself permission to take time away from my business and to plan accordingly.

What does a Heart Centered Business look like?

What a great question; because HCBs allow you the freedom to conduct business from a heart to heart (H2H) focus that encompasses business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) practices. When it comes to being heart centered in your efforts, it is more important to connect with customers. not only provide a service or product, but also to synergize with their needs.

As a HCB, some of the things that can help you be successful are:

  • Create a supportive team that will help your business flow smoothly because doing it alone is not good for a HCB owner
  • Be truthful in your marketing efforts and not deceptive; remember you want to be a heart centered business that synergizes with your customers' needs
  • When networking, make it about the other person as you share your information, keep it basic, and find out how you can help them stay connected and they will do the same in return for you
  • Connect with other like-minded heart centered business owners who can help you build your business as you help them build theirs
  • Center in on a talent or a skill that you love to do; if you don't know what that is, then check out my book Your Passionate Business
  • If you want to be a speaker in your industry, then get your bio ready and start finding events you can submit it to; it's all about being prepared and taking action
  • Value your knowledge and experience as you operate in your heart centered business; do not devalue your services or products, charge what you are worth

How can a Heart Centered Business connect with their target customers?

In dealing with potential customers online, it is important to know who your target customers are and their buying habits. Keep in mind, it's not just about getting them to buy one single product from you, it's about creating an ongoing relationship with them. When you find people who have a tendency to hit it and move on, their focus is not on synergizing with their target customers. That was to make money off of their current product or service and then move on to the next hot topic.

In order to be a HCB, this type of attitude is not beneficial to you or your target customers. To help you determine how you are going to connect with your target customers, let's see how the previous list can be applied to your HCB. Let's take a look …

  • Support team would consist of virtual assistants who can help you grow your business and synergize with your target customers. Their skill set could include services such as web design, marketing, customer service, and many more skills that will allow you to delegate tasks to them. Make sure that they understand what a heart centered business is and how they fit into assisting you in growing your business.
  • As you develop a truthful marketing plan, it's important that everything you say and do is a true representation of you and your business. Dishonest marketing goes against the mindset of being a HCB. It can leave your target customers with a bad experience and you won't be able to build a solid community.
  • In networking, it's always great to have a short 15 – 30 second introduction ready that tells who you are, what you do, why you are at the event, and where you can be contacted. Having this information on a business card is great too, so that you can spend more time talking to others about their needs. Just know that when you show that you care about the needs of others, that normally the other person will want to know about your needs too. It will create a heart to heart (H2H) connection.
  • Connecting with other like-minded HCB owners is very important because they can help you stay focused on your goals as a HCB. It will also create a level of accountability that will be good for you and your business as your seek to make H2H with your peers and target customers. Being open to their feedback and encourage is also important because it can help you grow your business in a positive way.
  • Being a HCB means that you center in on a talent or skill that you love will allow you to develop a synergized and creative environment for your business. This can be done by taking assessment test that can help you determine where you can thrive as a business owner. As mentioned before, my book, Your Passionate Business, can assist you in determining this. My book will walk you through four steps to refine your list of skills to determine which one or ones will help you develop a business you are passionate about.
  • Being a HCB speaker in your industry means that you have a heart for educating others on how to succeed. In order to do this, you should have a bio ready and a media kit to share with those who may hire you to speak. In having these ready, it will allow you to quickly get your information into the right hands' of people who sponsor or manage events.
  • Your knowledge and experience is very valuable and well worth sharing with others. As you develop ways to share you knowledge and experience, it's important that you make sure that you value your products and service at a level that is correct for you. If you sell too cheap then you devalue yourself and your business. Research your industry, checkout your peers to see what they are charging, then determine what works best for you to charge.

As you develop your heart centered business, be open to making changes in your life and business so that you can flow with your goals to be a HCB. You goals are best when they are H2H and encourages social engagement with your target customers, your peers and your mentors. I would love to hear how you are developing your HCB, so please leave a comment to share your ideas and strategies for being successful with your HCB.