7 Common Misconceptions About Small Business Management

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Refining your small business management techniques is a great way to grow your business. To help you get a better understanding of managing your business, this blog post will share common misconceptions and then how you can overcome them.

Misconception #1: Blogging isn't important

Started with this misconception because blogging is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and get your message out. It is definitely something that you should start doing on a regular basis if you are not currently doing it. As you start blogging, keep in mind that it's a great idea to have an editorial calendar that you use to managing your blogging schedule.

Key things to remember when setting up your editorial calendar:

  • Create a theme or series of topics
  • Identify which days or dates you will publish your blog posts
  • Determine the keywords that you will focus on for your series
  • Define the online sources where you will share your blog posts

Misconception #2: I don't need a team as part of my Small Business Management

This is an old notion that can hinder your business growth. Having a team can help you with your small business management when you hire virtually or locally. You would be able to outsource accounting, graphic design, office tasks, and many other business tasks.

Misconception #3: Mentoring isn't necessary for small business management

Running your business without a mentor is like trying to take a road trip without a map. Mentors can help guide your business and give you coaching that will assist you in growing your business. When selecting a mentor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Check their track record to see what type of success they've had mentoring others with their small business management. Make sure they understand the vision and goals you have for your business. Ready to have accountability put in place.

Misconception #4: Continuing education is a waste of time

Yep, this misconception is one that can cause you to become stagnate in your business. Incorporating continuing education can include things like workshops, webinars, even listening/reading books. This is a great way to be a great boss to your employees/contractors too.

Misconception #5: Social media is about posting only

Big misconception because social media is about engagement not just pushing out content. When you share your messages or content on social media, it's a great idea to interact with your online connections. Engaging them is a great way to build up your community too.

Misconception #6: Teambuilding is a myth

First having a team in place is essential to small business growth and then building your team is important too. Teambuilding happens when you have various opportunities in place within your business for your team members to grow. Examples of teambuilding can include being open to business feedback, creating opportunities to have fun, allow a team member to have input into the business direction or even

Misconception #7: Lists don't help me complete goals

OK, I just had to throw this one in because lists can help you define your goals and accomplish them. Creating a list that you update as you complete a task is a great way to stay on target. Having a general list has helped me stay on focus and to keep things organized.

What's next?

Hopefully, this blog post will help you with your small business management. Realizing that the misconceptions are a hindrance to business growth, then you can get past them and get started with reaching your vision and goals.