4 Steps to Creating a Heart Centered Business Strategy

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As you develop a heart centered business strategy, there are four things to keep in mind: Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA). The concept of PDCA was created by Edward Deming and many feel he is the father of modern quality control. Now don't let me lose you on the term of quality control. It's just setting up processes to make your business run better and smoother. Since we got that out of the way, let's take a look at what makes a heart centered business strategy when using the PDCA method.

heart centered business strategy

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Before we get into the gist of the whole method, let's take a look at an example of what one would look like. For instance, within my business, I have setup processes that use the PDCA method to determine if a process is viable. I start with a Plan that brings together the appropriate steps for the process. If at any point in the Do and Check stages that the process fails, I know that I need to make adjustments so that when I Act on the process, it will flow correctly.

How to apply PDCA to creating a Heart Centered Business Strategy

As we look into applying PDCA we need to first clarify each step so that application of each step can be understand and applied correctly.

  • Plan: During this step, time is spent determining the objectives and processes that need to be in place to convey the results to line up with what we want for the outcome or the target of our goals. In applying this to a heart centered business strategy, it's important to ensure that all of your processes align with the overall strategy of your business. Key to this step is that you:
    • Determine scope
    • Define baseline and budget
    • Recognize risks
  • Do: Now that you have a Plan in place, it's time to implement it and flow through the processes that it includes. Also it's during this step that you monitor and collect data that you will assess in later steps of Check and Act. Key to this step is that you:
    • Create task or process steps
    • Determine resources or team members
  • Check: In this step, you will be studying the results that you compiled during the Do step and comparing against what your expected results were supposed to be. Then you will determine the difference between the two. Key to this step is that you:
    • Assess progress
    • Control quality of processes
    • Determine the ROI or costs
    • Calculate costs and status
  • Act: It's time to make changes according to the differences found during the Check step and analyze how it affects the plan results. Determine what the root cause is for the differences and make sure the changes fix the issues. Key to this step is that you:
    • Define changes
    • Determine corrective actions
    • Review and manage risks

Putting PDCA into action for the Heart Centered Business Strategy

heart centered business strategyIt's always exciting to develop a strategy that uses the principles of PDCA because it allows you the freedom to fix process issues during the creation process. To help you understand how PDCA works, let's take a look at a simple PDCA Strategy. One of the tasks in my business is the process of creating blog post. This is very important to the flow of my business and growing my visibility online.

The first thing that I do is Plan out the steps of the process to create a blog post. Then during the Do step, it would start with researching a topic and then defining the parameters of the blog post. Now I start the process of writing the blog post and applying SEO techniques to the blog post. Finally, once the blog post is complete, I will then distribute it by sharing on social media and other outlets to help spread it's reach.

So, this is the simple plan and I then document the plan so that I can go through and Check the process for assessment. Once the process passes the Check step, I will then start the Act step which helps me define changes that would need to be change to make the process flow better. Especially if there are any glitches.

As you can see, in creating a heart centered business strategy, using the PDCA method will enable you to develop a clearly defined process that can help your business flow better.