Organizing My Business With Google: Social 3.0 and Project Fi

As a small business owner, organizing my business with Google was the best decision I made because it helped to streamline my business processes. I started to “Googlefy” my business back in 2007. I started with Google Docs, which is now called Google Drive. Since then, I have added a number of products to help me streamline and synchronize my business. When I say Googlefy, I'm basically talking about integrating many of Google's products into different areas in my business to sync up my business processes. As you can see in the image below, I have implemented a number of products into my business. Over a series of blog posts, I will share how I've implemented each product. organizing my business with Google

What is Social 3.0

One of the things that I have embraced is Social 3.0 and how I can integrate it into my business using Google products. Social 3.0 is the latest way to synchronize online and offline social communications. The natural progress of social communication has occurred from version 1.0 to 3.0 and according to, the progression has been:

  • Web 1.0 sites simply provided information.
  • Web 2.0 sites support asynchronous collaboration, e.g., send a text; receive a reply; reply to the reply; repeat.
  • Social 3.0 software (sites and apps) supports synchronous collaboration, i.e., real-time, simultaneous, collaboration.

With this in mind, it excited me to be one of the early adopters for Google's Project Fi mobile service and to use Google+ for my social media efforts.

Steps to organizing my business with Google

By integrating Google products into my business, I have been able to set up processes that have saved me time, money, and people power.  In being successful with Social 3.0, I decided to share how I use Project Fi mobile service and Google+ as part of my Social 3.0 implementation. Project Fi is the mobile service that Google released in April 2015 to help users “stay connected” when using mobile services. According to

Google has come out in full force when it comes to owning all communication. Its newly announced Project Fi is set to revolutionize wireless communication by improving coverage, speed, connectivity and service. This is Google's answer to replacing Google Voice.

I consider Project Fi as part of the Social 3.0 effort by Google because I'm able to use my phone on cellular and WiFi networks. This has helped me in organizing my business with Google because now I can easily manage the calls and voicemails for my personal and business numbers via the Project Fi mobile app or website. Google+ has also been helpful in streamlining my Social 3.0 efforts since it is the social media website that Google has created for its users. Key to my success on Google+ has been to engage others and to have 2-way communication as I interact with other users. I love using the mobile app just as much as the web browser version to engage on Google+. Three of the key components I enjoy using on Google+ and which have helped me to be successful in organizing my business with Google are:

  • Hangouts – allows you to connect with others via video conferencing. It can hold up to 10 people in the Hangout and they can be private or public (Hangouts on Air). I've used Hangouts to do interviews, product demonstration and even to just review TV shows.
  • Collections – new feature of Google+ that allows you to group your posts into a common group of content. This will allow your followers to quickly see common content that you share. By using Collections to share my post, it has streamlined the way I distribute information on Google+
  • Communities – great way to create an environment for your brand evangelists and also for you to find like minded people that you can engage with regarding a particular topic. You can either create a community or join one that has already be created by someone else. I've been able to grow my community to almost 10,000 members and it is continuously growing in an engaging environment.

Key details about Project Fi

If you are considering Project Fi for your mobile services, then let me share a few things that you might find helpful. Currently, it is an invitation only process to gain access to Project Fi. Once invited in, you will need to either purchase a Nexus 6 or buy the special Sim card that has been created to work with Project Fi. Some of the key help guides that will assist you in getting started with Project Fi are below:

Hopefully, the information included in this blog post will give you tips about how I have been organizing my business with Google products. Watch for the rest of the blog post in this series as I continue to share my Google tips, tricks and techniques. I would love to hear how this article has been helpful to you, so please leave a comment below.

Kim Beasley

Kim is a Social Media Strategist who loves developing WordPress websites and managing social media for her clients. Being passionate about helping business owners to grow their visibility, Kim loves to connect people and technology.After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Technical Project Manager, Kim decided that she wanted to focus more on entrepreneurs and use her MBA in eBusiness to help them grow their online presence. Kim has also participated in Hangouts on Air with news organization such as: NPR, HuffPost Live, FOX, BBC, and NBC.

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