journey to successOn my journey to success, I've had many options to succeed or fail in business and in life. Yet I have realized that in either case, I have learned that the journey to success is about being open to new experiences, not being afraid to move forward and being prepared to accept the outcome of my choices. I'm thankful that this journey has taken me all around the world and given me opportunities to change the world in positive ways.

When looking at how I've allowed my business to grow and my life to improve, I've come to realize that having alternatives in life has made my journey very significant. It has impacted my life and those around me in a positive way, which is a good thing. 

What does a journey to success look like?

Although each journey is personal and a direct reflection of your choices, a  journey to success can be identified by triumphs and challenges. You can also count on meeting many different types of people, seeing different places & spaces and working very hard. Mix in growth in your personal and professional life and you have a very clear picture of what the journey looks like. 

What obstacles can get in the way of a journey to success?

No journey is complete without a few obstacles along the way. Obstacles are what make the arrival mean that much more. Here are a few you might encounter on your journey:

  • Financial Setbacks – As you move through your journey business won't always be stable. The key to making it through financial setbacks is to plan and budget. Try not to put all of your eggs in one basket (i.e. all your money in one stock).
  • Personal Issues – Losing a loved one, divorce, and health issues are all things that happen in life that can possibly derail you on your journey. Dealing with these types of obstacles while trying to run a business can be really hard. But if you persevere you can come through shining.
  • Unexpected Happenings – Not all things that happen in business or in your personal life unexpectedly will be grave in nature. The arrival of a baby, purchasing a new home, expanding your business are all things that can become an obstacle even though they're positive in nature. Life can sideline you on your journey, just remember to stay focused and you'll get back on track.

Who should you have on your journey to success?

On your journey you will need a lot of support from loved ones and a dedicated & hard working team. You should also forge alliances with colleagues that are like-minded.  Develop a mutually beneficial work relationship that allows you each to help each other along your personal journeys. Last but not least create lasting relationships with your customers so that as you move along they move with you.

The best thing about the journey to success is it's not set in stone. You can have many successes and many journeys throughout your life. Remember to take calculated risks in business, let your creativity flow and most of all enjoy the ride to your success. Tell me about your journey in the comments below. 

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