How to revert to old Gmail chat or try the new Hangout chat

Have you switched to the new Hangout chat and you want to revert to old Gmail chat? Then I have a solution for you. Recently, Google made major changes to their interface on Google+ which also affect several other products like Gmail chat.

Old Gmail chat

Below is a screenshot of the old Gmail chat what was included originally.

old gmail chat

Try new Hangout chat

If you want to try the new hangout chat, click on your picture and then click “Try new Hangout chat”.

try new hangout chat

Revert to old Gmail Chat

After trying it, and if you don’t like it for now, you can click on your picture again. Then choose “revert to old chat” to revert to old Gmail chat. Keep in mind that eventually the old chat will go away and will be replaced by the new one. There are future changes coming to it so be patient has this feature is being upgraded.

revert to old gmail chat

One Response to How to revert to old Gmail chat or try the new Hangout chat

  1. Was just issued a new Gmail account via the school where I am teaching. Hangouts is the default rather than the OLD CHAT. When I click on my name like your screen shot shows….. the option to REVERT is NOT there. The only option is to “SIGN OUT of Hangouts”.


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