4 Tips for finding loved ones on social media

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Finding loved ones on social media is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are turning to social media to find old classmates, friends, and loves. Finding people on social media has become much easier for families that are searching for a loved one. They now have social media to use as a tool that is widely available. There are many reasons why someone may want to find people on social media.

A loved one may be missing. Families may have lost touch or have been separated by adoption or other circumstances. The circumstance may be dangerous when families have a loved one that is thought to be endangered or a runaway. In these cases, time is of the essence and social media is a quick and easy way to spread the word and is an excellent way to find people on social media.

Social media is an amazing tool that connects billions of people everywhere. Social media works to find missing people by getting the word out like no other outlet can.  Social media is worldwide and accessible to almost everyone.

Law enforcement is increasingly using social media to find people and raise awareness and solicit tips on missing person cases and other crimes. Finding people on social media is an effective tool in these cases.

How to use social media to find loved ones

Here are 4 simple steps to begin finding loved ones on social media.

  • Create a Facebook page dedicated to the person you want to find. Post pictures, your contact info and any information you have on the person you would like to find. Finding people on social media is all about sharing information.
  • Don't forget about YouTube.  An impassioned plea from you and other family members along with video or pictures of your loved one can easily be shared.
  • Information that is helpful would be a date of birth, name, extenuating circumstances, birthmarks and descriptions. Be sure to tell the whole story. You want to paint a picture of the person you are looking for and why.
  • Search! You can also actively search for a person. Sites like ZabaSearch.com, Pipl.com, and Classmates.com are very helpful in locating someone. You can also search public records and the white pages.

You never know where the lead you need will come from for finding loved ones on social media. Make sure you are covering all avenues and giving up to date and accurate information.

Additional Resources for finding loved ones on social media:

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