So I have jumped into the GoogleTV world of devices and I love it. I've been enjoying my Logitech Revue for a few months and now I'm looking at purchasing my second device.

Why do I like GoogleTV?

The reason I decided to go with GoogleTV as a new component in my entertainment center is because I wanted the capability to integrate online access in with my TV watching experience. It has allowed me to:

  • Better organize my TV viewing
  • Gives me access to searching the internet & my cable services for special shows or movies that I want to watch
  • Integrated into my Android environment
  • Single sign-on for all Google accessible products

My current cable company is AT&T and I have the U-verse service. I love that I can integrate my GoogleTV with this service because it makes it so much easier for me to organize my efforts as I search for TV shows and Movies using the Search feature of GoogleTV. Also, it's really great for being able to share YouTube videos. One of my friends is a doctor and he uses GoogleTV at his office to share images & videos with his patients to better explain medical results.

I love that I can also work on my website projects via Chrome browser as I watch LiveTV. This way I don't have to have my computer right there. I can just pull of the Chrome browser and go at it. I'm continuing to get to know all of the features of GoogleTV and see how I can use it for business purposes.

Where to find more information about GoogleTV

Since GoogleTV is still fairly new, I thought it would be great to share a few details to help you learn more about it. Below are links to resources and videos that share more information about GoogleTV.

What is GoogleTV?
[youtube jmqvqgBCP0A]

How to use Search on GoogleTV
[youtube prOrxhQYFK8]

TV & Movies on GoogleTV
[youtube y7pE9UTTfy4]

Using YouTube on GoogleTV
[youtube buSd7zODi6A] 


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