I had the opportunity to participate in a Google+ hangout where we got to hangout with T.D. Jakes. He was discussing his new book “Let it Go“. This was an amazing experience to talk to a man who is changing the lives of people everywhere.

His new book “Let it Go” discusses how we can protect our minds from the stress and anxieties of life. His inspiration for this books was his great understanding of how stress and pressure have taken a toll on peoples lives. He stated that often it's so hard to let things go. We end a relationship and it's hard to let those feelings go. We hold onto anger and resentment instead of letting go of the past and giving forgiveness. He said it's o.k to be angry but not when you stay angry. So this book was written to help those dealing with these issues.

He discussed how when it comes to celebrities and athletes they live in a different world so their anxiety and stressors are very different from those who are not in that world. He spoke of the late Whitney Houston and how he knew of her struggles and was rooting for her but he wasn't privy to the downward spiral that she went on. He was there when she was on the rebound and was working to rebuild her life. He knew her mother very well but met Whitney while she was filming Sparkle. In his eulogy at Houston's funeral he wanted the family to know that death wasn't the end. She will live on and in the end death does not win because love lives on even when a person is no longer here. He gave Houston credit for not hiding her struggles from the public. While she battled her own demons she never hid them from the public.

He discussed his movies based on his book Woman Thou Art Loosed. He wanted the movies to show how women use their faith as a catalyst in their everyday experiences in life.

When it comes to social media, he said he feels social media has positives and negatives. He said it is positive in that it allows people to gain knowledge and information but the downside is when people use it for negative things.

This was a great opportunity to talk with a man who has influenced the lives of so many people. I am glad I was able to be a part of it. This is a great example of how Google+ is changing the way we interact with people. Under normal circumstances we may not have been given such a wonderful opportunity to meet this amazing man.

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