The holidays are here. It's a time of holiday fun and gift giving. Do you remember as child doing scavenger hunts? A scavenger hunt is where you are given a list of things and it is your responsibility to find the items on the list to complete the scavenger hunt successfully. So who says that as an adult or even a business person that you can't still have fun with a scavenger hunt? You can!

I, along with some of my fellow business owners, have developed a fun holiday scavenger hunt where we (the givers) will be giving away gifts to you (the receivers) and all you have to do is participate in the scavenger hunt. However, if you own a business and want to get the word out about who you are then you may want to participate on the giving end. Businesses can join the fun as givers for only $49. Receivers just need to wait until December 20th when we will release the web address of the scavenger hunt and then it's time to let the fun begin.

Ready to learn more? Then visit Social Media Tool Coach to learn more.

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