Celebration Time: Circled by over 3,000 Google Plus Friends

When I crossed the threshold of 3,000 people who had circled me on Google Plus, I decided to feature one of the people who had circled me. The results were that I actually chose to feature two people and here is there story. NOTE: at the writing of this blog post, my total was 4,789 friends who had circled me.

Seth David

I have been using social media, like many people to engage with people. To go out there and show who I am and what I am all about. Of course I am also out there meeting others and finding out what they’re about – always learning new things.

Specifically the way I am using social media for my business is that I post videos and related blog posts. The video goes on YouTube and usually is a screen cast demonstrating some aspect of QuickBooks or Accounting. These are helpful tips showing you step by step how to do anything from recording an NSF check to making sure you set up inventory properly in your QuickBooks file. Each video gets a blog post written. Then in the midst of the “conversations” I am having here on G+ and on Twitter as well as Facebook I post the links to these free tutorials. Every tutorial has a call to action – usually something like “Call me for training on this topic.” It’s working. Just about every day I get calls from people who tell me they are watching my videos on YouTube and they want training in QuickBooks.Many of these training sessions turn into consulting gigs.

My Facebook page is evolving (as I’ve wanted it to) into a place where people can come and ask questions about how to do various things in QuickBooks or Excel. I can post the answers on there and even record a screen cast covering a topic someone has asked about.

I am also using LinkedIN. I belong to several QuickBooks Groups who’s membership consist of other people who do what I do. Some of them come to me for Excel help (because they already know QuickBooks) and even in terms of QuickBooks I have been known to show a few tricks and shortcuts to people who already know the program very well. My recent Social ROI webinar was a good example of that. I have many accounting professionals who tell me they like what I write and they like to see what I am doing so they follow me on Twitter and they circle me on here. I am holding a live webinar on October 14 which I just started promoting with my newsletter. I noticed that many of the signups are CPAs and bookkeepers so I came up with a concept that I thought would appeal to them – How to develop Cash Flow Projections using QuickBooks And Excel. The signups are coming in.

On Twitter I send tweets almost hourly some days even more frequently with links to the tips that my Blog presents. Of course I am going in and engaging directly with people here as well.

To summarize here is how social media has really helped my business; Business owners and bookkeepers are coming to me for QuickBooks Training. CPA’s are coming to me for Social Media help and also to refer their clients to me when they need extra help with QuickBooks or generally cleaning up a financial mess.

I hope to have “Nerd’s Twitter Guide For Accounting and Bookkeeping Professionals” finished soon. I haven’t settled in on the platform yet. Either an E-book or a membership based blog like this one: www.RealEstateAccountingWithQuickBooks.com

Bobbi Jo Woods

I will admit that I have not seen growth from social marketing/media. At least not to the point of really noticing.

I’m Bobbi Jo. I’m a Minnesota native, and have been the principal and Chief Enthusiast of B. Woods Design in Saint Paul, making websites for the masses (mainly small businesses, non profits, and creative professionals) since 2002.

I guess the reason I got into web design to begin with, was because when I first got online in 1998, I began to really be intrigued by how pages on the web were presented. I was fascinated by how they were put together, and web graphics was something I started dabbling in on my own. From there, I dove in and started learning HTML online, through various sources, namely HTML Goodies and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C, or W3, as we now know it). Keep in mind, about the only source of truly useful and decent information on web development and design was mainly restricted to information available on the Internet, and that even libraries in my area only had few books on the topic, back then. I recall browsing the card catalogs looking for items to help me learn, but only found a few, such as text published by the O’Reilly media folks.

In my early days of discovering and cultivating information about websites and design, it seemed that many website designers/developers back then quickly to took on and completed projects, plastered screenshots into their portfolio, and moved on without really telling the story of why a project was great, a case study or background on a project’s goals/needs and how they were met, or even simply something such as a before and after shot or blurb about the client’s business itself.

As I began to discover things like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages for businesses, I didn’t throw myself in wholeheartedly, because even in the early days of all these networks, there was a lot of spam and general “selling” noise. I thought that even posting something remotely sounding like a promotion would turn people off. Because of this, I mostly kept my status updates and posts to things to personal thoughts, observations, etc., basically just being my social self. While a rock star marketing or salesperson worth his or her salt will tell you that this is not the way to go to really boost your business, I still believe in it.

It was apparent that while I didn’t see a lot of leads or income this way, people still seemed to take to me, and would start asking what I do, which was when I’d open up and let them know. I strongly feel that while, yes… every person in business ought to let the world know what we do, and we’re good at–the world doesn’t always care until they have gotten to know WHO each of us is, as a person. Getting to know things about us, like where we’re from, our personalities, culture, fun or silly things we share and say, are still key.

I founded B. Woods Design in 2002 because I saw a lack of real care and concern from website designers/developers, to their clients, in terms of building real relationships that were mutually beneficial to each others’ businesses. I was (and still am) really into the aspect of meeting a client, learning about how their company got started, their marketing goals and strategies, and the kinds of processes they do in their business to keep it running smoothly. In my role as their web designer, I really am interested in helping them to succeed in their business by helping create a website that will deliver results. One of my earlier slogans for B. Woods Design was, “Websites that are beautiful and mean business!”

I still stick by my old-fashioned values of good customer service and mutually beneficial relationship-building, to this day.

My hope is that, with the Business profiles coming up on G+ in the future, we can all take advantage of what those have to offer, and really help each other succeed in our ventures, whatever they may be.

Kim Beasley

Kim is a Social Media Strategist who loves developing WordPress websites and managing social media for her clients. Being passionate about helping business owners to grow their visibility, Kim loves to connect people and technology.After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Technical Project Manager, Kim decided that she wanted to focus more on entrepreneurs and use her MBA in eBusiness to help them grow their online presence. Kim has also participated in Hangouts on Air with news organization such as: NPR, HuffPost Live, FOX, BBC, Business2Community.com and NBC.

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