I'm having so much fun making new connection on Google Plus (Google+ or G+) that I feel I want to share all about my experiences. Not only have I been having fun but the most important thing are the connections that I've made with others from around the world. The connections are growing into virtual friendship that are very supportive and I've even made business connections to grow my business. If you're not on G+, they you are definitely missing out on an awesome experience.

OK, the PSA for Google+ is done, let's get down to me sharing with you my Top 7 Google Plus Extensions your Google+ experience. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to experience Google+ is by using Google Chrome as your browser. Now for my top favorite 7 extensions:

  • My Hangouts for Google Plus (created by (Mohamed Mansour): Are you looking for an extension that will allow you to see all the active hangouts in your stream? Then this is the extension for you. I love it because at a click I can see the active hangouts in my stream at any given time. It will show me who is hosting the hangout, total participants in the hangout and who they are. It will even let me hover over a picture so that I can see their name and then if I want to learn more about any given participant, I can click on their picture and their Google profile will open up.
  • Hangout Auto Try Again for Google Plus (created by Mohamed Mansour): allows you to automatic retry getting into a hangout that's full. If or when someone leaves, it will automatically try to get you into the hangout. This is on my list because I don't have to sit and click the retry button over and over. It does it for me.
  • +Photo Zoom (created by Sebastian Mauer): Have you wanted to enlarge a picture that you see in a Google+ post? Then this is the extension that you need to install because it will automatically enlarge the picture if it can when you hover over the picture with your mouse. I love it because then I can enlarge the images I love without having to click on them.
  • Extended Share for Google Plus (created by Mohamed Mansour): Seen a G+ post that you want to share on other social media networks? Then checkout this extension because it allows you to share a post to the major social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and so forth. I love it because it's a one-click step and BAM, I'm sharing on another network.
  • Hangout Pad for Google+ (created by Mohamed Mansour): This extension will allow code/programming collaboration during a Google Hangout. I love this extension because it will allow collaboration during a hangout for those who want a quick and easy way to share code.
  • Replies and more for Google+ (created by Matt Mastracci): Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements. I love it because I don't have to retype someone's name when I'm responding to them with a comment. It's a great asset to your list of extension for Chrome.
  • Usability Boost for Google Plus™ (created by Florent Fremont): Greatly improves readability on Google Plus, ability to star posts to read later and some other useful features. I love it because I can star/favorite a post I see and it will add it to my “Starred” circle automatically so that I can read it later. Another feature is that it make the G+ bar at the top of the page static so that it is visible at all times. It also displays a direct link to mute posts that may have high comment activity. 🙂 Thanks Michael van der Galien for reminding me about this one because I almost forgot about it.

Bonus Tip:

Have you wanted to add a way for your website visitor to add you to Google+ circles from your website? Then check the Google+ Widget created by Chris Kanger. Just look to the right and you will see it into action on my sidebar. According to their website:
The widget allows you to show the visitors of your blog or website that you have a Google+ account. Therefore its a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors!
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