Did you know that Google has added a new feature to Google searching? It's called Voice Search and it allows you to complete a search by speaking your search criteria. Having this new feature will help in the following areas:

  • Hard-to-spell searches: Makes searching words you're not sure how to spell quicker and easier.
  • Longer searches: Search long queries, even really, really long queries, just by talking.
  • Searches that are just more fun to search out loud: Now you can ask your computer anything.
  • Searching without typing: Use it in the kitchen, in the garage or anytime your hands might be full.

Below is a video about the new Voice Search feature that will help you better understand how it works. For more details, click here. After you view the video and checkout the new feature, please return here and leave your comment below.

[youtube Q1c0w5QiryM nolink]

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