Have you been looking for an easy way to create a dynamic email signature in Gmail while sharing your social media connections? Then look no further because WiseStamp is a great add-on or extension for Gmail. It is an add-on for your web browser (works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). According to their website, WiseStamp includes many exciting and improved fetchers for your email such as:

  • Customize your Email signature Design style, Font, Size, Color, images etc…
  • Add updating dynamic content to any email you send Automatically Share your latest blog posts, Tweet , Facebook status or Ebay item and more…
  • Easily include your social services& Profiles Facebook, Twitter, del.icio.us, IM Services, LinkedIn, and many more..
  • Use multiple signatures Create business & personal signatures to insert in your emails.

The unique thing about WiseStamp is that it allow you to liven up your signature with images and even your latest tweet or calendar plans. As you will see in the video below, WiseStamp is a great addition to your online tools as you streamline your process for handling Gmail.


WiseStamp Demo from wisestamp on Vimeo.

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