Looking for a job? Check out these 4 steps to getting a #job via #Twitter

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Tips to help you use Twitter to find a job. Have you used Twitter during your job search? Please share your experience.

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Use Twitter to Get a Job: 4 Steps

When it comes to social networks and job-hunting, Twitter trumps Facebook, according to Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0, Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success. “Twitter is the best place because it's public networking,” says Schawbel. Facebook, meanwhile, is just too personal a space to approach someone you don't know and with whom you share no friends. “I'd never say to send resumes to hiring managers on Facebook…It's like infringing on people,” he says.

The second edition of Schawbel's book comes out in October. It has an extra 60 pages, including a chapter on how to use social networks to land a job.  After another round of disappointing unemployment data Friday morning, I decided to pick his brain for more advice on Twitter to boost your chances of landing a job. Here are four steps.

1. Craft a Specific Network

Make a list of the top three to five companies in specific locations where you'd love to work, says Schawbel. Then head to Twellow.com, a sort of Twitter Yellow Pages that helps you find people based on keywords in their bios. For example, type in “Accounting California” or “Microsoft PR” and Twellow gives you a list of Twitter users who have those keywords in their bios. From there you can narrow down the most appropriate people to follow.

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