Extensions that you can use with Apple's Safari 5. There is a total of 15 interesting extensions.

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15 Awesome and Useful Safari Extensions

Apple released Safari 5 in June, introducing official support for browser extensions. This move now means that developers have the ability to build add-ons to enhance the overall browsing experience on Safari.

Apple launched its own official Safari Extensions gallery at the end of July, showcasing some of the best developer submissions. The gallery is just getting started, but already there are some fantastic additions that any Safari (Safari) user can appreciate.

As die-hard extension addicts since the first Safari 5 release, we've scoured the web to find 15 of our favorites. Click through the gallery for our picks.

The official gallery isn't the only place to find new and impressive extensions. Both SafariExtensions on Tumblr (Tumblr) and Pimp My Safari feature daily updates and highlight great creations from across the web.

What are some of your favorite Safari web extensions? Let us know!

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